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WETA Workshop and Cryptozoic Entertainment team up for GKR Heavy Hitters: Giant Killer Robots board game

GKR Heavy Hitters

Over the weekend, while I was languishing at home, and my friends were all having the times of the their lives at GENCON, I cam across a game from WETA workshop (You know, the Lord of the Rings VFX people) and Cryptozoic Game (a board game company that released DC Deckbuilding, and one of my faves GRAVWELL) called GIANT KILLER ROBOTS.


Apparently they had a booth at GENCON and I hadn’t heard to much about it. I decided to investigate. The details on how the game actually works are currently very slim. As of this writing I know it will be played on a board, with robot models, and there will be buildings to block line of site. Other than that the mechanics are a mystery to the general public. They did go to SDCC, and then toured the South West before landing at GENCON, so obviously people have actually played it.


The fascinating thing is this is a new IP, and the way they decided to market the IP was with a board game.

Now I am a huge board game player, and this looks absolutely stunning. They mention that after this weekend a kickstarter will go live, and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

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